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*During covid lockdown there are two online classes you can join

(all times in GMT):

Sport Health Yoga for beginners

Monday mornings 09:30am - 10:30am

Perfect for people new to yoga and looking for a

way to improve their health and build their confidence.


Classes are run via Zoom (it's free to download and use).

Once you book you'll be sent a link so you can join.

Sport Health Yoga for sports recovery

Tuesday evenings 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Perfect for athletes to help you recover, relax, reduce injuries and improve flexibility so you can perform at your best.

Classes are run via Zoom (it's free to download and use).

Once you book you'll be sent a link so you can join.


Do you suffer from pain and injury because you play sports?


Would you like help relaxing and recovering from your training and busy lifestyle?


Would you like help to improve your performance and keep playing the sports you love?

Ryan Giggs (the most decorated footballer in Premier League history) says yoga enabled him to keep playing at the top level until he was 40. LeBron James (one of the greatest NBA players) credits yoga for fixing his low back problems.

Elite athletes understand the benefits of doing yoga yet the vast majority of people don't try it because they think it's some weird hippy thing only for bendy women... 


I'm here to show you otherwise. 


Welcome to

Sport Health Yoga 

I created Sport Health Yoga for people who love to play sports and want help to move better, perform better and feel great.

JP Beaumont

I understand what it's like living with aches, pains and injury.


When I completed my first half marathon a few years ago a knee injury meant I struggled to walk for months afterwards.

It's hard when you want to enjoy your life but you find it hard to walk let alone play sports and do what you love!


Perhaps you're worried about injuries, feeling stiffer and less flexible than you used to.


Playing sports really does take it out of your body.


Do you really want to injure yourself every time you run or kick a ball?

This is where improving your flexibility and helping your body to recover properly is important. 

Yoga will help to keep your muscles supple, improve mobility and increase range of motion.


Sport Health Yoga will help you to keep playing the sports you love.


We use functional and accessible movements designed so anyone can do them. You don't have to be fit or flexible to start. I will use my vast experience and knowledge to help you.


You will learn techniques backed by modern sports science and used by elite professionals

(one of my many trainings includes

working with Man Utd & Man City yoga teacher, Sarah Ramsden) to help you improve performance, reduce injuries and recover. 

You will move better, reduce injuries and improve performance.

Read what others have said about working with me and how Sport Health Yoga has helped them:

Sports Team

Brian Garlick,

Inter Bangsaen FC


I recommend doing Sport Health Yoga. JP has an excellent rapport with his students and his knowledge is vast. I lead a busy life so the classes help me to recover from all the work I do with football and in the gym. He pays attention to the small details which makes me feel like I’m on the right path. I finish his classes feeling relaxed and more energetic.


Paul Savage,

Former Chairman and Player

Worle Football Club

I have played football for over 40 years and thought I was fit. I didn’t think yoga could work for me but since starting classes during lockdown I have realised doing yoga uses so many more muscles than I use playing sports. It leaves me feeling relaxed with extra energy for the day ahead. JP has opened my mind to what yoga can do. It’s not a hippy form of exercise, it’s very relevant to modern sports. I would definitely recommend people try Sport Health Yoga with JP.


David Norris,

Man v Fat Football


I would absolutely recommend doing yoga with JP. He made it really accessible for our group of overweight footballers and burst the stigma that yoga is for old ladies and not beer drinking men. The sessions were really eye opening and taught me the importance of core strength and flexibility. I feel better and move more freely in my day to day activities.

So why not join the people who are already benefiting from Sport Health Yoga? Your days of feeling aches, pains and stiffness could soon be over.


Do Sport Health Yoga to improve performance, reduce injuries and recover.

Your body will thank you.



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"He made it really accessible for our group of overweight footballers and burst the stigma that yoga is for old ladies and not beer drinking men."

— David Norris, Man v Fat



Increase range of motion and restore natural joint mechanics, which helps you to move more efficiently so you can improve performance and reduce injuries. You don't have to be flexible to do yoga!



A lot of classic yoga poses can't be done by most people. We use simple and accessible stretches that anybody can do. Just because they're accessible doesn't mean that they're easy! We will challenge your balance, core strength and stability.




Often overlooked in our busy world. Most people don't take their recovery seriously. We use yoga techniques to help shift your body into your parasympathetic nervous system where it can properly rest, heal and grow.


People are often surprised at how good they feel after a yoga class. With no pain and less injuries you can keep doing what you love!



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