About Sport Health Yoga

I understand what it's like being the odd-one-out in a yoga

studio. It can be intimidating, especially if you're not very

fit or flexible.

You don't have to be thin, fit or flexible to do yoga.

Yoga isn't only for women and it's not some weird hippy cult...

I promise!

I've worked with lots of people who think that think yoga

isn't for them and once they put their fears to one side they realise how beneficial yoga can be.

I make yoga practical, accessible and functional. I don't believe in extreme flexibility or getting your foot behind your head for the fun of it. I'm only interested in what is proven to help you move better, reduce injuries and pain to leave you feeling great.

Yoga has real practical solutions to issues we face everyday. If you love to play sport then yoga will really help you.

Did you know Ryan Giggs cites yoga as the reason he could play Premier League football until he was 40? LeBron used yoga to fix his back problems. 


Yoga can help you too. 


Wouldn't you like to be less stiff? Have less pain? Get injured less? Move better, perform better and recover quicker? 

Elite professional athletes do yoga isn't it time you gave it a try?

JP Beaumont

Sport Health Yoga Teacher

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I love sports. I've played football all my life. Growing up I played rugby. I've lived in Thailand where I trained in Muay Thai. I've ran half marathons and I love to lift weights and box.

I know what it feels like to feel battered and broken after a game or hard training session.

I do yoga to keep myself feeling good. I've practised yoga since 2014 and it's helped me to move and perform better, have better posture, improve my strength, flexibility and stability and I get injured less.

I've worked with and trained under many amazing yoga teachers. Most recently I've worked and trained with Man Utd & Man City yoga teacher, Sarah Ramsden, as I continue to learn about yoga for athletes, functional anatomy and sports science.

Each sport has a specific set of movement patterns that you train on repeat. Depending on what training you do, you will have adaptations and restrictions in your body. 

Unlike a random yoga class that may worsen certain adaptations, Sport Health Yoga is designed specifically to help you undo the restrictions in your body.

Imagine how it'll feel to move with ease without pain or restriction! Imagine doing what you love without recurring injuries that leave you feeling frustrated. 

Why not find out for yourself?

About me...

Training & Qualifications

Independent Yoga Network - 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training

- Sarah Harlow & Sam Burkey - Yogasara, Bristol, 2019 

Mental health awareness for sport and physical activity

- Mind and UK coaching, 2019


Yoga Alliance - Yoga for runners 

- Sarah Ramsden - Triyoga, London, 2020


Yoga Alliance - Teaching yoga to athletes

- Sarah Ramsden - Triyoga, London, 2020


Yoga Alliance - Breathwork for athletes

- Sarah Ramsden - Triyoga, London, 2020


"He made it really accessible for our group of overweight footballers and burst the stigma that yoga is for old ladies and not beer drinking men."

— David Norris, Man v Fat