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Booking Sport Health Yoga sessions for your team, club or group is a great way to improve performance, reduce injuries and help your players recover.

Every sport has its own set of movement patterns which you repeat again and again. Over time these movement patterns cause adaptations in the body which limit your movement and lead to pain, discomfort and injury.

Increasing your range of motion, improving flexibility and learning how to recover properly are important to your team's performance.

Improving your team's recovery means better performance and less injuries.

Less injuries means your best players stay on the pitch and less money wasted paying players who can't play.

Improved performance is what all athletes and sports people are looking for. It's what gets you up in the morning, right?

Sessions can be done as a group (for example post-training or the day after a game) or individually to work on player specific issues.



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Team sessions are £100. Discounts available to longer term bookings and amatuer teams.

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"He made it really accessible for our group of overweight footballers and burst the stigma that yoga is for old ladies and not beer drinking men."

— David Norris, Man v Fat